Individual services and support

Since the beginning in 1994, we have continuously adapted and expanded our services to serve our clients requiremients. Do not be put off by the term Trade. Since you ever're here, take a little time and read more up on our entire spectrum - it may be that we can offer exactly what you're looking for just in the net.

As an entrepreneur you need for your daily decisions a lot of information in order to control your business properly and goal-oriented. Collecting this information and the targeted implementation takes time - and that is just for each of Business.

There is a time when you should not think about something that you may not previously occurred, or you simply do not have time. Contact us and use our service.

Our range of services

... and remaining sectors we work to meet your needs.

Your advantage :

  • Define with us your goals (also selectively)
  • We develop, also with our partners, the solutions
  • You get target and project-related information
  • We develop / create your concept, your plan, do your due diligence, according to the contract specification
  • We support (controlling) the implementation

Our Service...

Service & Support

  • Business-Plan (Start-Ups)
  • Projectplan (Expansion)
  • Franchise concept
  • Controlling/Consulting
  • Due Diligence

Further Options

  • EU-support (Analysis)
  • Finance (Support)
  • Business planing
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Product marketing

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