Each project has its basic idea.

Indiviudelle concepts and integrated, strategic planning are the basis of the desired success - for Start-Up's as well as for existing companies.

Consulting services of the bar you will find plenty.
How about with individually designed and project-related services?


With a foundation you do not need a "brilliant" business idea only, or just a desire on their own feet. You need a reasonable and well-founded start-up concept.

Such an approach (the business plan) allows you to evaluate not only the viability of this concept and will be for future purposes a useful tool of controlling, but clarifies you and usually investors required special risks.

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Consulting includes many benefits that arise not only for and before a foundation.

Experience shows that you lose yourself in practice in the daily work and strategic thinking, in particular, the current controlling, is neglected.

An avoidable mistake can take revenge.

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Marketing and sales plan

In addition to many organizational items, paves the way for success in the operational area of marketing and sales plan. Targets can be controlled and allow rapid reaction in case of deviations.

We develop your individual plan to take in the context of controlling for regular updates, summarize all results together and discuss with you any necessary strategic adjustments.

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It "buzzing" and "booming" - no time for inspections and structural plans. Controlling is a "top priority", but the resulting additional amount of time is usually considered to be "annoying" and after a short time already superfluous "= a mistake !

Do you want to wait until you also have a nice view ...

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Succession planning

Apart from economic aspects (of any kind), the most common reasons are the sales reaching retirement age. Measures taken in time and good handover preparation are the most important bases.

The form of a "participation on time" ( handover period ) provides for both parties advantages if sound foundations have been laid.

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Turn around

Not always is a threat of "lopsided" detected early. Too often, "hope" maintained simply by the principle. "It will be".

Of course you can continue to wait ... or do something!

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