Finance: A wide and varied subject.

The presentation to the receipt of commercial capital (in any form) is dependent on the respective operating conditions, the use of funds and the requirements of capital providers and investors.

Often the subject is equated with the mediation of capital / finance.

Capital from us? - Definitely not ----> capital with us? - Maybe !?

 Clearly : without sound documents, any attempt futile !

Entry requirements of lenders, banks, leasing and factoring companies to investors, are orderly and consistent documents, viable concepts. And here we are first in the context of our consulting and service services.

Corporate Finance

The financial corporate sector (corporate finance) is the planning and execution of all tasks that serve the purpose of raising capital and liquidity substantially.

Preliminary, major planning documents (business plan and / or due diligence), are basic working papers.

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project Finance

Unlike other forms of credit in project financing, the determined cash flows shown in the business plan of the project are of paramount importance. The implementation of a project financing consists of many individual steps and requires an experienced team. We offer you:

  • Verification, processing or preparation of the documents required
  • Support for the link between the project company and financial partners
  • Project financing WORLDWIDE

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Determine current rates or to convert your plans for international presentation.

subsidies analysis

Can you afford not to use subsidies? We analyze your operational projects, determine subsidy levels and determine the available funding for your project.

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Factoring is used for short-term sales financing and is mainly of a specific size-dependent. The factoring institution is paying under a contractual agreement outstanding receivables of factoring clients immediately. Thus, the liquidity of the factoring clients grows congruent to sales.
All these benefits do not completely replace a functioning receivables management...

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Leasing as an alternative to traditional financing, although may be beneficial in some cases quite. However, various factors and the respective company peculiarities are also to be considered here.

Be assumed to obtain lease if financing is not possible, unfortunately, is not true in many cases.

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